Adam Kehler

Adam KehlerAdam Kehler is currently studying at the music department of California State University, Fresno, pursuing his undergraduate degree in Music Composition. In his time at Fresno State, he has studied composition with both Dr. Kenneth Froelich and Dr. Benjamin Boone. He has also been involved with a wide variety of performing ensembles such as Jazz Orchestra and Symphony Orchestra. Adam has had a very active voice within the music department during his undergraduate studies, acting as current vice president for Fresno State’s Composer’s Guild, and as an active member of America’s most prestigious musical fraternity: Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia.


LISTEN: Counter-Clockwise for chamber ensemble
Courtnee Browning, Flute; Michael Zuniga, Clarinet; Lianna Stuart, Violin; Aimee Dockum, Cello; Becky Messer, Piano; Joey Bohigian, Percussion

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