Adrian Democ

Adrian DemočAdrian Demoč studied composition with Martin Smolka, František Emmert, Doina Rotaru and Osvaldas Balakauskas in Brno (Czech Republic), Bucharest (Romania) and Vilnius (Lithuania). Adrian’s music has been performed so far in festivals and concerts in Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia, Spain and USA. Compositions include orchestral works (Selbstporträt mit Sikorski und Górecki (und Ligeti ist auch dabei)), chamber music (Kvarteto, Septett), conceptual scores (Chess) and multi-media performances (Bioprodukt). He is also an occasional improviser of the fujara and other traditional Slovakian wind instruments.


LISTEN: Septett for 2 vn, 2 vle, 2 vc, cb
Ostravska Banda, Carl Bettendorf, conductor

At the beginning there was the tempting opportunity to write a piece for an unusual set string septet: descant – kind of high violin, 2 violins, viola, tenor – or high cello, cello and double bass with an added low string, each instrument built of a different tree (kind of wood). The tempting aspect was mainly the extended register and pairing of the “usual” with the “unusual” instruments. The notion of so many possibilities led me up a tree, and after many pages all scribbled over, I decided to harness this string peacock. The instruments jam pressed into the range of minor sixth and slowly they open their fan tail. At the same time they form a sort of wall, variable and gradually becoming more clear, with a simple harmonic “cadence” spreading in the background. This spreading takes place with the use of the 7th harmonic replacing more and more “well-tuned” tone of the chord/cluster. Besides other things, I had also fujara and its velvet sound on my mind. The composition is dedicated to Gérard Grisey, for his enthusiasm for work with unclear roles of individual parameters. However, my thanks belong also to Martin Smolka, for the surprise he gave me by sending to me Hrabal’s Tender Barbarian exactly in the decisive moment of the composing of this piece.

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