Alexander Proudlock

Alexander ProudlockThe Dirge of December, composed in 2014, is one of a selection of works funded by The Sunday for Sammy Trust, England. In context with the title, the work is inspired by the author and ancestor of the composer, Lewis Proudlock. His collection of over two hundred poems published in the book, The Borderland Muse and published by O’Driscoll, Lennox & Co., The Castle Printing Company, London portrays tales of Northumberland and the notions of daily life. The book of poems is dedicated to his serene highness the Duke of Teck (1837-1902). In composing this new work, the majority of the drama takes place within the dynamics and strict timings of each linear voice. The rythmic elements also should be crisp and clearly defined, using the correct pronunciation of the text. Through the frequent use of the words, never will two words from the text collide with one another, unless the word is the same.  In presenting this humble contribution to the literary Lore of Borderland, and claiming the seat of setting poetry of one local poet and ancestor Lewis Proudlock, indescribable love for the text and a yearning desire to add something to the historic art and literature of Northumberland, England.  The piece is now published by Rhinegold Publishing in May 2015.


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