Amos Fisher

Amos FisherAmos Fisher’s creative identities are many. A native of Chapel Hill, North Carolina and a graduate of NC School of the Arts (now UNCSA), he applies his spectrum of musical backgrounds to the ever-burgeoning scene in Brooklyn and NYC, where he has lived for seven years. He has composed music for theater and film; accompanied and arranged for bandleaders, songwriters, and hiphop MC’s; played multiple instruments & voice with improv audio & video outfit The Azerbaijan A/V Club; an original circus-cabaret musical melodrama for the stage with live film; and diverse others. He also has immersive experience in yoga, meditation, karate, hitchhiking, bicycling, vegan cuisine, and self-published creative writing. Upon hearing of David Bowie’s passing, Amos said “Right behind grief, I feel a sense of excitement–because his grandest work of art, his whole musical life, is now complete, and there for the listening. I mean, that’s how I try to approach mY life.”


LISTEN: Hurt Song
The Anomylos Ensemble

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