Annika Socolofsky

Annika SocolofskyBridging the gap between concert music and folk traditions, American composer Annika Socolofsky finds her musical roots across many cultures. She is an avid klezmer violinist and contemporary vocalist with a dedication to folk music that permeates her compositions. Her works have been performed throughout the United States, Italy, and Argentina, as well as in Paris by artists including the Carnegie Mellon Philharmonic, Access Contemporary Music Chicago, the Donald Sinta Quartet, Alia Musica Pittsburgh, and the Carnegie Mellon Contemporary Ensemble, among others. Annika is a Master’s student in Composition at the University of Michigan where she studies with Evan Chambers, and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Composition from Carnegie Mellon University.


LISTEN: Boža, Song Cycle for Folk Singer & Chamber Ensemble
Annika Socolofsky, Voice; Eric Schweizer, Clarinet; Asaf Peres, Guitar; Luke Mathers, Accordion; Julia Knowles, Cello; Peter Felsman, Percussion

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