Anthony Constantino

Anthony ConstantinoBorn and raised in Tucson, Arizona, Anthony Constantino’s music has been hailed by The New York Times as “plush, cinematic, and animated.” Since then, Anthony has written for a variety of ensembles ranging from chamber to orchestral, vocal, and electro-acoustic. His music draws from a wide scope of American influences, and combines the driven coolness of the west coast with the wild passion of the east coast. Mixing sweeping lyricism with jarring dissonance, his style aims to connect on a deeply emotional level. Anthony is completing his Bachelor of Music at Manhattan School of Music studying with Richard Danielpour. He will be continuing his studies at the graduate level in Fall, 2016.


LISTEN: Crevasses for bass clarinet, marimba, and piano
Atlantic Music Festival Contemporary Ensemble (2015)
Shawn Earle, bass clarinet
Christopher Salvito, marimba
Nicoletta Favari, piano

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