Anthony Donofrio

Anthony DonofrioAnthony Donofrio is very interested in fusing the compositional techniques found in literature and painting with his own approach to composing music. Along with Morton Feldman, Elliott Carter, and Stuart Saunders Smith, he cites Mark Rothko, David Foster Wallace, and Italo Calvino as his primary artistic influences. As a result of these influences, Anthony has taken an interest in creating half concert and full concert-length pieces, such as the 70-minute “Between Event and Crisis” for solo percussion, and the 90-minute “V” for flute, clarinet, viola, piano, and percussion, commissioned by the Atlanta-based ensemble Chamber Cartel. Currently, Anthony is an adjunct professor at Kent State University, giving courses in Music Theory, Post-Tonal Music, American Music, and serves as the Artistic Advisor for the Kent State New Music Ensemble.


LISTEN: Piano Quartet for Violin, Viola, Cello, and Piano
Samuel Huang, Violin; Haojian Wang, Viola; Jeff Millen, Cello; Sadie Fellows, Piano

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