Anthony T. Marasco

Anthony T. MarascoAnthony T. Marasco is a composer who takes influence from the aesthetics of today’s Digimodernist culture, exploring the relationships between the eccentric and the every-day, the strict and the indeterminate, the raw and the refined, and the retro and the contemporary. These explorations result in a wide variety of works written for electro-acoustic ensembles, interactive computer performance systems for groups and soloists, multimedia installations, and film scores. An internationally recognized composer, he has received commissions from performers, ensembles, and institutions such as Phyllis Chen, the Quince Contemporary Vocal Ensemble, WIRED Magazine, Data Garden, Dirty Paloma, Lebanon Valley College, Color Field Ensemble, the soundSCAPE International Composition and Performance Exchange, and the University of Scranton. Marasco was the grand prize winner of the UnCaged Toy Piano Festival’s 2013 Call for Scores and his compositions have been featured at the 2009 and 2011 soundSCAPE International Composition and Performance Festival.


LISTEN: Mid-Century Marfa for toy piano, aeolian harp, plastorgan (plastic bottle wind organ), and electric fans
Phyllis Chen, toy piano, aeolian harp, plastorgan, electric fans



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