Antonio Celso Ribeiro

Composer and Semioticist Antonio Celso Ribeiro works at Conservatório Estadual de Música de Pouso Alegre, Minas Gerais, Brazil. His compositions blend modal and microtonal colors, poetry, movements, visuals and align with the New Simplicity School. He has been central composer at several piano contests in Brazil and has been performed by prominent performers and ensembles around the globe. Recent awards include BAMDialogue-Amsterdam (2009), Sizhu Music Composition Contest –Taipei (2011) and Al-Quds Composition Award – Jerusalem (2012)


LISTEN: Shui-Sha Lian – The Old Lake’s Spirit Sleeps and Dreams so Sweetly… for Di (Chinese Bamboo Flute), Pipa (Chinese Luth), Zhonghu (Chinese Violin) and Guzheng (Chinese Zither).
Performed by Chai Found Music Workshop – Taipei; Yu-Hui Wu, Di; Mei-Yu Sue, Pipa; Chih-Yuan Liu, Zhonghu; Jiuan-Reng Yeh, Guzheng; Chen-Ming Huang, conductor

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