Arzu Abbasova

arzu-abbasovaArzu Abbasova was born in 1999 in Baku. She has studied composition at music school No 35 named after George Sharoyevth. She is member of “Talent center” in Azerbaijan, meanwhile her book was released in 2013 by ministry of culture and tourism. At the same time she is author of number of works including suites, symphonic and chamber works. She is the winner of various competitions such as 17th international young composer competition which was held in Russia, Ithaca Women’s work in USA, Talent of 21 st century in Kazakhistan. Moreover her work was chosen as an encore piece in Samadis International Composition competition in USA. Recently, her 2 pieces were awarded in “DONNA IN MUSICA” which was held in Serbia, and for the 3 rd piece she was nominated as Laureat – extraordinary and perspective young composer. Aditionally, she has given 2 solo concerts.

WEBSITE:  YouTube Channel

LISTEN:  Dance of the waves for piano and violin
Piano:Arzu Abbasova
Violin:Umida Abbasova

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