Augustin Braud

Augustin BraudAugustin Braud is a french contemporary composer born in 1994, and also a graduate student in Musicology. While being mainly self taught, he studied composition with Jean-Luc Defontaine, and also attended some masterclasses, mostly at IRCAM in Paris, with the festival MANIFESTE 15 with M. Levinas, M. Jarell, Y. Maresz, I. Fedele, and received advice from Y. Robin and A. Solbiati. Works include solo pieces, electronic elements, chamber music and also large orchestra pieces. Perhaps his young age, he already worked on exciting projects with such musicians as Jeanne-Marie Conquer from the Ensemble Intercontemporain, the Basel-based Duo Tied, Ensemble Erasme, etc. His projects includes pieces for Deviant Septet, Nebula Ensemble, and many more.  He also enjoys playing jazz and progressive rock in his spare time!


LISTEN: Anach for Violin
Jeanne-Marie Conquer, Ensemble Intercontemporain

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