Bryan Schumann

Bryan SchumannAn eclectic composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist based in Minnesota, Bryan Schumann embraces a wide spectrum of music. He writes and produces songs in many popular genres, as well as music for classical ensembles of all sizes (from chamber duos to large orchestras). He also creates ambient, electro-acoustic-avant-garde, and improvisatory music, and produces music and sound design for video games and film. He practices the amalgamation of all styles and is excited by the idea of crumbling the walls of genre. Bryan is the songwriter, vocalist, and guitarist for the indie band, The Sunshapes; he improvises on electric guitar and electric trumpet with The Eclectic Ensemble and Sound Wave Hello; and his music (audio & sheet music) can be purchased at


LISTEN: A Guitar Quartet of Sorts – Movement I
Bryan Schumann, guitar

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