Bryce Miller

Bryce MillerBryce Miller is an American composer/performer of contemporary classical and film music. He currently resides in Eugene, Oregon where he is studying under Dr. Robert Kyr and Dr. David Crumb, son of George Crumb, at the University of Oregon. In his music he seeks to further explore the capabilities of each instrument and the vast variety of textures they can create when combined. Falling in love with music at a young age, he began studying piano and continues to enjoy performing in his own works as well as the works of his peers. He is currently finishing up his Bachelors in Composition at University of Oregon and plans to continue his studies as he pursues a career as a film scorer and classical composer.


LISTEN: Umbral Phases for String Orchestra
Violins: Chris Ives, Christopher Stark, Izabel Austin, Connor Eagleton, Mary Evans, Anne Wolfe; Violas: Hannah Breyer, Avery Pratt; Cellos: Gabriel Skyrms, Makenna Carrico; Basses: Rhys Gates, Milo Fultz;

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