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Gabriel Malancioiu

Gabriel MalancioiuThe underlining factor behind every work that Gabriel Malancioiu has written in the last few years is the quest of rediscovering the secret power that music has, its capacity to influence the human consciousness Therefore, many of his works are influenced by texts belonging to ancient or modern mystics, ranging from Lao Tzu and Heraclit to Osho, Eckhart Tolle, Mooji or Gangaji. Lately, the sacred/profane relation has intrigued his musical thinking, and the complementary of the polar opposites has become the main idea in many of his works, irrespective of the aesthetical orientation, be it avantgardistic or traditional, regardless of the medium used, be it live-electronics or the ancient duduk…


LISTEN: Traulos for oboe, bass clarinet and bassoon
Aventure Ensemble

Archaic connotations of the work are suggested by the title Traulos, including the idea of an instrumental trio and references on an ancient instrument – aulos. The ritual character of the music is highlighted by the importance shown to the rhythmic activity, by using an essentialized sound material. Following the evolution of the work, we witness a gradual increase in tempo, the listener’s consciousness being lead to the cathartic release in the end of the piece. The idea of a dynamic unit, in which polarities complement each other, occurs in the work between the following pairs: static-dynamic, fast-slow, low-high, chromatic-diatonic; the polar relations are pursued also at the timbral level, at the dynamic and sound density level.