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Matias Fernandez Rosales

matias-fernandez-rosalesMatias Fernandez (Talca, Chile, 1988) Matias first entered the music scene inspired by Jazz and the popular music, and has subsequently taken part in different musical formations. Matias Studied in the UC Chile where he obtained a Bachelor degree in musical composition. He studied composition and new technologies with Cristian Morales, orchestration and musical analysis with Aliosha Solovera. Further he obtained a degree in Education in the UMCE. The title was obtained as a result of successful research in pedagogy of the contemporary composition. Currently, Matias is studying another Masters program at the CNSDM in Lyons, France. He is currently studying composition with Philippe Hurel and new technologies with Michele Tadini. His repertory includes music for orchestra, assembles, for soloists, electronic and mixed music, as well as improvisation. Concurrently Matias is also composing and playing in jazz and popular music bands.


LISTEN:  Ritual de las cajas for orchestra

Ritual de las cajas
Matías Fernández
Lyon, 2016

Orchestre du CNSMD de Lyon
Peter Csaba, Direction.

Moran Le Bars
Wei-An Chu
Josiah Rusching

Marie Le Guern
Julien Sabbague

Violon 1
Shan-Hsin Chang
François Marat
Giovanna Thiebaut
Yu-Chien Chou
Juliana Plancon
Romance Leroy
Emma Gibout
Valentin Seignez-Bacquet

Violon 2
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Houcheng Kian
Vicent Forestier
Sarah Khavand
Pierre Liscia
Charline Steffann
Magali Costes

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Clément Sozanski
Jeanne-Marie Raffner
Gabriella Bannura
Charlotte Giraud

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Guillemette Tual

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Richard Brisse
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