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Mario Carro

mario-carroMario Carro (Madrid, 1979) is a spanish composer who is developing a brilliant career outside of the pressure of contemporary music themes. The indispensable tools through which he crystallizes his music are great harmonic transparency, an exquisite timbral palette, and a complete symbiosis between traditional and vanguardist elements, all in service of a constant search for beauty. Among his usual sources of inspiration are literature, paintings or the contemplation of nature, but always without forgetting that his motivation when writing is the vital process itself and it self-awareness. His pieces are also characterized by perfect and idiomatic writing that brings the interpreters closer, who in turn, and while following the thin chain of complicity, are able to bring his music to the public.


LISTEN:  About Escher (2012), for violin and marimba
Escher Duo

Music suggested by the brilliant work of the Dutch artist M.C.Escher , specifically by engravings and lithographs of his first season in Italy. It is articulated in three movements . The first, Tower of Babel, is bright and it has an eminently rhythmic character .The second, Phosphorescent Sea , it’s a static piece where tremolos of the marimba and the warm melody of the violin on the G string become important . The work ends with Dolphins , in which both instruments seem to be merged into a fast race full of dynamism from a fast and repetitive material.