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Bradley S. Green

bradley-s-greenBradley Green is an emerging composer and music educator based in the D.C. area of Maryland. His music is exemplified by an interest in creating unique textures and timbres that progress naturally and slowly between sound events, with care given to every possible sound from one event to another. He is also interested in experimenting with varying types of music notation in order to better connect the performer with the sounds that the score represents, and to also allow performers a certain amount of freedom that some notational techniques deny. He is currently a D.M.A student in composition at the University of Maryland, College Park, and previously received an M.M in music theory and composition from Appalachian State University and a B.A. in music composition and education from Campbell University.


LISTEN:  in generationes sempiternas… for Solo Horn in F

This piece, which roughly translates to “generations to come,” inherits its formal structure and progression of aural materials from a loose interpretation of Darwinian evolution. At the start of the piece, the aural material is very simple and “primitive.” As time progresses, the horn (or more literally, the sounds that the horn can produce) “evolves.” However, the horn does not simply give up old sounds in lieu of the new, but instead new sounds are added to the catalogue of sounds the horn can produce. Through this type of formal evolution, the piece ultimately develops into a soundscape where complex interrelationships of the material occur, and every sound has a specific origin in the timeline of the piece.

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