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Mark Holdsworth

mark-holdsworthMark Holdsworth (b.1990) is an Australian composer currently based in Perth, W.A. Holdsworth is a graduate of the University of Western Australia where he completed a Bachelor of Music (composition) degree in 2014 and a Bachelor of Arts Honours H1 (music composition) in 2015. He is currently pursuing a Master of Music degree at the University of Western Australia for which he has received a full Australian Postgraduate Award. During his tertiary studies, Holdsworth received extensive tutelage under esteemed Australian composers James Ledger and Christopher Tonkin. He has been involved in numerous composition programs both nationally and internationally which have provided him with tutelage from other esteemed composers such as Carl Vine, Matthew Hindson, Andrew Schultz, James MacMillan, Gordan McPherson, Oliver Searle, Rory Boyle and David Fennessey. Holdsworth’s music has been performed by some of Australia’s most prestigious musicians including the Australian String Quartet, West Australian Symphony Orchestra and Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra.


LISTEN:  Komm Du for Solo Soprano, Mixed Choir and Wind symphony
Gemma McNammee, UWASC and UWAWO

Commissioned by Andrew Foote and the University of Western Australia’s School of Music.

‘Komm Du’ is based on the poem of the same name by Austrian poet Rainer Maria Rilke who produced the work in the final two weeks of his life before succumbing to cancer in December 1975. The work strives to reconcile notions of beauty and suffering, life and death. This concept often manifests musically as the interaction between tonality and atonality as well as other musical binary opposites. ‘Komm Du’ explores a vast range of sentiments to do with suffering and death and seeks to placate these notions with beauty in order to find absolution.