Dalen Wuest

Dalen WuestBorn in Fort Wayne, Indiana in 1991, Dalen Wuest is a composer/saxophonist and current Master of Music student at Bowling Green State University. Wuest’s music reflects his constant search for new approaches to music and it’s construction. His primary goals in composition are to create unique sound worlds by adapting techniques and tools invited and/or pioneered by his musical idols.

WEBSITE:  soundcloud.com/user-952056975

LISTEN: Walking on/Walking through
Fixed Media

“Walking on/Walking through” is an exploration of the phenomenon of a ‘dream within a dream.’ The piece opens with a very abstract sound world before snapping into another world made of ‘real world’ sounds to trick the dreamer into thinking s/he is awake. As the ways the sounds interact shift and become more abstract and surreal the dreamer may realize that s/he is still asleep, after all.

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