David Morneau

Described by Molly Sheridan as a “flashing beacon” of inspiration, David Morneau is a composer of an entirely undecided genre. In his work he endeavors to explore ideas about our culture, issues concerning creativity, and even the very nature of music itself. Morneau’s eclectic output is best exemplified by 60×365, his “ambitious yearlong musical project” for which he composed a new one-minute composition every day. Morneau’s current ambitious project, Love Songs Project, is a collaboration with eleven poets that combines Shakespeare’s sonnets with contemporary poetry in genre-crossing songs. He is also curating an album of electronic music that counts down to end of the Mayan calendar for Immigrant Breast Nest, an underground electronic music label in New York City, where he is composer-in-residence.

WEBSITE: http://5of4.com/

LISTEN: My Husband from Love Songs Project
Composed in collaboration with Eleanor Dubinsky on texts by Iris Berman and William Shakespeare; performed by David Morneau and Eleanor Dubinsky

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