Dganit Elyakim

dganit-elyakimDganit Elyakim (born in Tel-Aviv, 1977) is a composer and sound-artist. Her music depicts various aspects of the human and digital paradigm. Through MIDI protocols and algorithmically based behaviours of the computer-performer she confronts the human musician with a digital based reality. Her compositions include various collaborations in the field of dance, video and theatre. Over the past few years she has also focused her attention on integrating the Net’s audio archives into her compositions. In March 2016, she released her debut album “Failing Better”.

WEBSITE:  misscomposed.com

LISTEN:  Old Skool for tape
“Eskesta” is a dance ensemble, comprised of Jewish immigrants from Ethiopia. Artistic director: Ruth Eshel.  Today, the ensemble continues its activity under the name Beta. Artistic director: Dege Feder

Old Skool is rooted in the alphabet of the Amharic and Tigrinya languages of Ethiopia and Eritrea. It relies on a simple repetitive tune, taught in elementary schools to help the children memorise the letters.  For this piece, eleven soloists from “Eskesta ensemble” were recorded singing that tune. Each of them interpreted it the way they remember it, starting from any pitch that comes to them.  This tune is interspersed with snapshots of free, associative improvisation on the letters, for which the soloists used their voice and bodies. The passion, humour, rhythms and musical gestures bursting out of these recordings cascade out of the collage.

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