Dimitris Mousouras

dimitris-mousourasDimitris Mousouras is a greek film/composer and Violinist. His music is currently presented in concert halls in Vienna, Austria and Greece for festivals such as WIEN MODERN (2013), ORF (Hoerspiel Gala 2016), Alte Schmiede, Muthsaal, OFF Theater etc. He participated in numerous workshops with famous composers and festivals as a composer but also he works with several orchestras and ensembles playing symphonic music and opera. His education includes a diploma in violin and byzantine music, a BMus in Music Department of Athens University and a Master in composition and composition for film and media in Vienna Music University.

WEBSITE: soundcloud.com/dimitris-mousouras

LISTEN: Diakladwseis for ensemble (Saxophone, Oboe/English Horn, Bass Clarinet, Accordion, Viola, Violoncello, Percussion)
Various Performers, not a specific ensemble. Conducting: Vasilis Tsiatsianis Venue: Muth Saal (Vienna, Austria)

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