Dominykas Digimas

dominykas-digimasDominykas Digimas has been active in the life of contemporary music since his first study years of composition in Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre.  Interest in the Eastern culture, American minimalism and interdisciplinary arts is reflected in his chamber, electronic and theatrical music. Composerʼs works are accompanied by literary-philosophical ideas, thus his compositions become the musical expressions of emotional states or reflections. The composer tells his own discoveries in the world outlook through intuition-guided static soundscapes. To achieve such creative goal, the close relation of the composition, performer and space is needed, as well as a performerʼs personal ability to know, experience the work and to spread its idea in the space.


LISTEN:  no sense for string orchestra
Performed by St. Christopher Chamber Orchestra
Conductor – Donatas Katkus
Recording was taken at International contemporary music festival Druskomanija ’16 in National Art Galery (Vilnius, Lithuania)

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