Dorian Wallace

Dorian WallaceDorian Wallace is a composer, improviser and pianist of contemporary classical music, new music, radical avant-garde, spontaneous improvisation and free jazz.  His works encompass chamber ensemble, spontaneous improvisation, orchestral, opera, classical dance, large jazz ensemble, vocal, percussion, electronic, electroacoustic, and film.  He is Co-Founder and Artistic Director of Tenth Intervention, a contemporary classical presenter in New York City. Tenth Intervention includes The Tenth Intervention Ensemble, The Free Sound Ahn-somble, an inventive and improvisational septendectet, and Trystero, a surreal night-club act that constructs theatrical performances and electronics.  Wallace is a staff musician and composer for dance at Barnard College of Columbia University, New York University Tisch School of the Arts, The Martha Graham Dance Company, The Juilliard School, Ballet Hispanico, Kat Wildish and Doug Varone and Dance.


LISTEN:  We Are Legion – 12. United by one, Divided by zero for Flute, 2 Tenor Saxophones, Bassoon, Amplified String Quartet, Piano/Synth, Electric Bass, 2 Drum Sets, 4 Voices, and Pre-recorded Electronics, and 4 Voices
Tenth Intervention


We Are Legion is an immersive chamber work inspired by the hacktivist collective, Anonymous.
Represented at the core of this work is the group’s mission to uphold freedom of speech and freedom of expression. Anonymous actively fights against corporate, civic, and religious extremism and oppression.

We Are Legion should be performed in a space where the audience, musicians, and dancers are seated amongst one another.
Everyone is wearing Guy Fawkes masks.
There is no separation between performer and audience.
There is no hierarchy.

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