Duo clearobscure (A. Bajde | E. S. Kaleli)

Duo clearobscureDuo clearobscure is a project by two young artists – Aleksandra Bajde (1987/Slovenia; composer and vocalist) and Emre Sihan Kaleli (1987/Turkey; composer and pianist). Their compositions are the result of close artistic collaboration. As they come from different backgrounds (jazz and contemporary classical music), their music could be characterized as a patchwork of diverse influences. What do they take from jazz is the element of improvisation, spontaneous interaction, and freedom in expression. An expanded palette of timbres produced by unconventional piano and vocal techniques is the outcome of the experimental aspect of their work.

WEBSITE:  soundcloud.com/aleksandrabajde

LISTEN: Das Luftschloss for voice, grand piano, and two amplified tubes
Duo clearobscure:
Aleksandra Bajde – voice, piano, and tube
Emre Sihan Kaleli – piano and tube

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