Elder Oliveira

Elder OliveiraElder Oliveira is saxophonist and composer. He is Bachelor’s degree from the Universidade Federal de Pelotas (UFPel) and Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS), both in Brazil. He studied musical composition with composers Arthur Kampela (BR-USA), Luigi Abbate (ITA), James Correia (BR), Beat Furrer (CHE), Rogério Constante (BR) and Sara Carvalho (PT). In 2013, he had private lessons with the spectral composer Iancu Dumitrescu (ROM) and with his wife Ana-Maria Avram (ROM). Thus, he was invited to participate in your concerts with Hyperion Ensemble in Berlin and Athens. Since 2008, he has composed and performed his sound installations and concert music in the concert hall, galleries and open-air spaces. He has been performing his works in important places, such as: Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Univesity of Aveiro, University of Rio Grande do Sul, University of Pelotas, Escola de Belas Artes Heitor de Lemos (Rio Grande), Carlos Gomes Conservatory (São Paulo), Onassis Cultural Centre (Athens), University of British Columbia (Vancouver), and Berghain Club (Berlin). Works like “Spiritual Convergence”, “Spectral Gate”, “Contemplation”, “Imaginary Places” and “Hands on Earth” have been premiered in Brazil, Portugal, Spain and Canada. Based on Experimental Music and Phenomenology, Elder Oliveira proposes interactions between Music, Cinema, Contemporary Art, Sculpture, Architecture, Theatre, and Philosophy.

WEBSITE: elderoliveira.com

LISTEN: In the Blue Garden – Electroacoustic Composition

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