Elisabeth Angot

Elisabeth AngotElisabeth Angot was born in 1988 in Paris. She begins to play piano at the age of 9 and starts the composition at the age of 19. She moved to Berlin in 2013 to study at the University of Arts. She is now doing her Master there in the class of Mauro Lanza. Elisabeth founded in 2014 with the sociologist Célia Poulet “Les Rencontres Musicales et Scientifiques”, an event which involves composers, players and researchers about concerts and round-tables.

WEBSITE:  soundcloud.com/elisabeth-angot-1

LISTEN:  Stück für Stimme und fünf Instrumente for soprano, piano, flute, clarinet, violin and cello
Ramina Abdulla-Zadè, voice
Hyunjung Choi, flute
Aaron Schilling, clarinet
Cesar Laporev, violin
Ivan Casado, Cello
Michaël Cohen-weissert, piano
Fernando Bustamante, conducting

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