Evan Pointner

Evan PointnerEvan Pointner is a pianist, singer, improvisor, composer/arranger, music theorist and teacher who is based in Kitchener-Waterloo and Toronto. For a classically-educated pianist and theorist, his musical interests extend far from this early training – to minimalism, noise, funk, jazz, folk, and art rock. As a performer, he mainly focuses on his solo arrangements as a pianist/singer, having put on shows at Maxwell’s Music House, The Jazz Room, The Boathouse, the Monarch Tavern, and Gate 403, as well as at various house shows.  Evan has studied composition and improvisation with acclaimed Canadian composers John Kameel Farah, Glenn Buhr, Linda Catlin Smith, and Martin Arnold, and is a member of the Kitchener-Waterloo Composers Collective. He has co-facilitated structured improvisations in Kitchener-Waterloo, Toronto, and Ottawa, and is versatile as a piano teacher giving private lessons for various styles of learning.

WEBSITE:  soundcloud.com/clone-2

LISTEN: Intersynchronism for piano, flute, violin, and double bass

Intersynchronism is based on an ever-unfolding polyrhythm of a 3-eighth-note figure on top of a tonal 8-bar progression in 7/8. The rhythmic and harmonic structures were influenced by a Dave Matthews Band song, while the overall sound of the piece is more comparable to New York minimalism.

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