Ezra Donner

Ezra DonnerEzra Donner (b. 1986) is an American composer, pianist, and educator who seeks to continue in the tradition of the great American composers of the 20th Century. Described as “energetic and good humored” (The Big City), his music has been performed in New York’s Carnegie Hall and throughout North America, the United Kingdom, Eastern Europe, and Turkey. Awards and honors for composition have come from the American Prize Competition, the Respighi Prize Competition, the Music Teachers’ National Association, ClefWorks, and the Midwest Graduate Music Consortium. Ezra is currently pursuing a Doctor of Music Degree in composition at Indiana University, where he is a student of Claude Baker. He holds degrees from Indiana University and the University of Michigan.

WEBSITE: www.ezradonnercomposer.com

LISTEN: Mountain Suite for String Orchestra
Budapest Chamber Orchestra; Peter Pejtsik, conductor

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