Frank Spigner

Frank SpignerFrank Spigner is a composer, multi-instrumentalist, and artist who has been actively creating an evolving array of works in the form of concert music, sound art, electronic media, installation, sculpture, and metalwork at the conservatory level, at music and art festivals, and at various concerts and exhibitions throughout the US, including numerous collaborations such as performing the works of John Cage at the National Academy Museum & School with composer, Du Yun, performing the work of Grammy award winning composer, Joel Thome, and working with sound art pioneer Liz Phillips on several installations and multimedia works. His current work involves the melding of several different mediums such as interactive audio-visual installations, welded metal sound sculpture, homemade synthesizer circuitry, and socially mediated public works.


LISTEN: Fontana Mix
My realization of John Cage’s piece, premiered on April 27, 2013.  Solo for Electronics – Realized using the Wavetek 180 and 111 function generators, Serge AM module, transistor radio, found sounds from tape and vinyl recordings, homemade audio circuitry, and various effects and processing units.

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