G.N. Blain

G.N. BlainBorn in 1985, before the ‘Thriller’ that year. G.N. Blain has attended and attained degrees from Ohio University of Athens, OH and University of Louisville, KY, respectively. The musical, as well as the lifelong experiences I received in the towns has drastically formed to shape my current state of well-being and well-regard. My current city is Huntington, WV. Here, I am a teacher at a well-respected musical facility, Route 60 Music Co. I also am Vice-President of the Mountain Arts’ and Music Association. I also attend and promote regular rehearsals at the Tri-State Youth Orchestra of Huntington, WV. I feel connected through this musical community through music.

WEBSITE: soundcloud.com/gnblain

LISTEN: VI. A “Darkishly Fleeting” from ‘Some Piano Shorts’ (2008), for solo piano
Nick Blain, piano



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