Inti Figgis-Vizueta

Inti Figgis-VizuetaInti Figgis-Vizueta is a contemporary-minimalist composer and mandolinist from Washington, DC. He strives to create works that emphasize the performer’s creativity, often involving the instrumentalists in the composition process. His goal is to create pieces that play to the strengths of the musicians he works with, and enjoys a high degree of collaboration. These ideals manifest in pieces that are accessible to the listener, yet have dynamic and tight interplay between instruments and voices. He is currently studying Music Composition at American University, and performing in the DC area as a mandolinist.


LISTEN: Dead Reckoning for Vibraphone, Viola, and Cello
Yubin Choi – Cello
Chris Hacnik – Viola
Jefferson Clement – Vibraphone
Special thanks to Ella Joklik and Chris Alires.

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