J. Andrés Ballesteros

J. Andrés BallesterosJorge Andrés Ballesteros (b. 1991) graduated in 2013 from Harvard University where he studied with Chaya Czernowin, Hans Tutschku, Edgar Barroso, and Trevor Bača (his current teacher). Andrés is passionate about education, starting and running a music club at his city’s high school, and he currently teaches at the Boston Arts Academy. In addition to composing and teaching, Andrés enjoys biking cooking,

WEBSITE: www.jaballesteros.com

LISTEN: The City & The City for double string quartet
Aviva Hakanoglu, violin; Sydney Sawyier, violin; George Meyer, violin; Gabe Walker, violin; Jacob Shack, viola; Alina Ranjbaran, viola; Alan Toda-Ambaras, cello; Allison Giebsich, cello

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