J.D. Wise

J.D. WiseJ.D. Wise is a composer, sound designer, and performer based in Kansas City. Wise has had a passion for movie and video game music for as long as he can remember, long before he thought he would or could ever be a composer. Since moving to Kansas City from his hometown, Joplin, Mo., Wise has worked on a dozen or so film and commercial projects with local artists. In a world of low budget film scores made entirely from sample libraries, Wise makes it a point to use as many real instruments in his tracks as possible, even if it’s just one violinist, a couple trombonists, or a bit of string quartet mixed with a sampled string section, something can be always be done even with little or no budget.

WEBSITE: wisecomposer.com

LISTEN: Hugraw! for Brass Sextet
Charles Calloway, trumpet; Patrick Doyle, trumpet; Matthew Haislip, horn; Austin Peiffer, trombone; David Dimmit, euphonium; Brielan Andersen, tuba; Thomas Stein, conductor

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