Jack Frerer

jack-frererJack Frerer (b. 1995) is an Australian composer of music for concert and film, as well as an instrumentalist, producer and filmmaker based in Manhattan, currently studying composition with Robert Beaser at The Juilliard School with the help of the Adrian Weller Scholarship and the Steuermann Memorial Prize. Jack has written pieces and arrangements for a number of ensembles including the Ku-Ring-Gai Philharmonic and the Lane Cove Youth Orchestra, as well as chamber ensembles, jazz groups and solo performers including Australian pianist Vatche Jambazian, and American baritone Luke Sutfliff. In August 2014 at age 19, Jack won the inaugural Matt Withers Young Australian Music Composition Competition open to all Australian music majors under 30 with a work for solo classical guitar. In November 2014, Jack became the youngest ever finalist in APRA and Tropfest’s Tropscore film music competition. In 2016, his trio “Last In, First Out” was selected as one of six finalists out of over 150 entries for the Alba Rosa Viëtor Composition Competition, as well as the Indianna State University Contemporary Music Festival, both of which will take place in October 2016.

WEBSITE:  jackfrerer.com

LISTEN:  Last In, First Out for Clarinet, Violin and Piano
Ning Zhang (clarinet), KJ Mcdonald (Violin) and Adria Ye (Piano)

Last In, First Out was the result of me needing a new way to write music; I needed a shock to the system, but one that would limit my ideas rather than multiply them. This clarinet trio employs a hexachordal framework, one commonly utilized in atonal music and, interestingly, music of the middle ages, the idea being that one limits themself to groups of six pitches; hexachords. Rather than apply these groups to serial, atonal systems, I used them as a basis from which I could extract tonal harmony, my intent being that any consistence and coherence within the harmonic and melodic material would come from this limitation of pitch.

The piece is structured around my tedious daily commute to school; its title is inspired by an artwork that lives in the Juilliard lobby, which reads, “Last in the Elevator – First Out”. Listen out for elevators.

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