Jaime Reis

Jaime ReisPortugal. Degree in Composition – Uni. de Aveiro with João Pedro Oliveira (3 prize scholarships as best student of the uni.). PhD candidate (Musicology) – FSCH-UNL. Composition seminars with Emmanuel Nunes (also PhD co-advisor) and Stockhausen. He received prizes in Portugal (Jorge Peixinho Competition, 3 Workshop Gulbenkian for Portuguese Composers, etc), his music was selected to be presented at the ICMC 2005 (Barcelona), ICMC 2014 (Atenas), IRCAM Manifeste Academie 2013, 1º prize in competition arte! ⋈ clima 2014 for category “Pobreza Cero. Emisiones Cero” with the work “Omniscience is a Collective”, etc. He took part of several scientific revision committees, namely, ICMC 2012. Researcher at Institute of Ethnomusicology. Member of ASEFUAN. Artistic director of festival Dias de Música Electroacústica (since 2003). Director of Conservatório de Música de Seia (since 2007). Professor at Piaget Institute and Universidade Nova de Lisboa. Had commissions from UFT/INATEL, Grupo de Música Contemporânea de Lisboa, Festival Primavera, APEM (Portugal), Logos Foundation (Belgium), F.L.S.I. (Paris), etc. His music has been presented in Europe. He travelled for 5 years to work in Asia (Beijing, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Philippines, etc) and 3 years to Brazil (UNICAMP, UFBA, UFMG, UDESC, UFRJ, etc).

WEBSITE: jaimereis.pt

LISTEN: Lysozyme Synthesis for piano
Ana Telles, piano


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