Jamie Leigh Sampson

Jamie Leigh SampsonJamie Leigh Sampson, currently based in Northwest Ohio, is co-owner of ADJ•ective New Music, LLC, which strives to introduce contemporary music to new audiences in the concert hall, studio, and classroom through group and private instruction, music production, and event presentation throughout the region. Jamie has composed for a wide range of ensembles including the Quince Contemporary Vocal Ensemble, the Ogni Suono Saxophone Duo, the Toledo Symphony Youth Orchestras, and members of Ensemble Dal Niente. She is currently researching a book on contemporary techniques for the bassoon, which includes an extensive study of close to 300 multiphonic possibilities.

WEBSITE:  jamieleighsampson.com

LISTEN:  The Body Electric for Soprano and Chamber Orchestra
Soloist – Amanda DeBoer Bartlett
Conductor – JJ Pearse
Ensemble – Bowling Green State University Philharmonia

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