Jay Derderian

Jay DerderianJay Derderian (b.1986) is composer, guitarist, writer, and Portland-native whose compositions explore the world through a rich, cerebral musical language influenced by the intense energies of heavy metal, early 20th century romanticism and neo-minimalism.  Jay’s music has been performed across the United States and has received commissions from some of the leading new music performers and ensembles including the Third Angle New Music Ensemble, the Eugene Contemporary Chamber Ensemble (ECCE), violinist Stella Peach, the RE:Percussion Duo, and Bus Stop Opera and has also had his music performed by pianist Hayk Arsenyan and the FPC Chamber Choir.

WEBSITE:  jderderian.com

LISTEN: OUTSIDE THE EYES for string quartet
Third Angle

Commissioned by and dedicated to the Third Angle New Music Ensemble. Premiered by the Third Angle Ensemble as part of their annual New Ideas in Music composition competition on March 21st, 2013.


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