Jay Vosk

Jay VoskJay Vosk has been an active composer since the 1960’s. Since 1980, he has been based in Tucson, Arizona. A lot of what Mr.Vosk writes draws its inspiration from his natural surroundings in Arizona. Some examples of this are his Canyons for String Quartet which was commissioned by the National Symphony, Azscapes for Native Flute and Orchestra, performed by Navaho flutist R. Carlos Nakai and Songs of Creation, a commissioned work for Native Flute and Organ.  Several of Vosk’s works are intended for college level recital performances. These included various woodwind and brass combinations. An example of this is his Marching in Place for Wind Ensemble. Other of his works are more progressive in nature. These include Pranks for Orchestra, Thaw for Alto Saxophone Solo (left hand alone) and Pecking Orders for 3 Piccolos.  Included in his vocal catalog are songs for voice and piano, choral works with and without instrumental accompaniment and a comic chamber opera entitledThe Ticket.  Jay Vosk’s music has been performed in Europe, Asia, and throughout the United States.

WEBSITE: jayvosk.com

LISTEN: Marching in Place for wind ensemble
Lawrence University Wind Ensemble; Robert Levy, director

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  1. phyllis diehl

    i am marc’s mom, and i want to compliment you on this beautiful piece, its lovely, thank you for adding beauty to the world. your beauty is your music.