Joel Garten

Joel GartenJoel Garten is a pianist, improviser and composer whose work is intense yet contemplative; a meeting of Keith Jarrett and Morton Feldman. At the nexus of experimental Classical music and avant garde jazz, Garten creates heartfelt art music that marries sonorous repetitive rhythms with fluid melody and dissonance. He is very experienced in what he does; he has been improvising music for more than two decades.


LISTEN: Improvisation for Piano
Joel Garten, Piano


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  2. clara

    joel’s music is so emotionally rich, raw & pure. his music is great inspiration for me as a designer. he plays from the soul and the music is truly original!

  3. Russell

    I was really in the mood for some Garten today. I love it in the background, taking care of that part of my consciousness that needs to be stimulated all the time, so the rest of me can focus on the Internet tasks assigned – filling out an excel sheet never went so smoothly, never was so fun.