John Albert Harris

John Albert HarrisJohn Albert Harris is a composer and pianist pursuing his Masters in Music Composition at the University of Miami with Charles Norman Mason. A recent Butler University graduate, John completed his degree by creating “Blankets: A Live-Action Graphic Novel – Part One”, a 45 minute film (using the book by Craig Thompson) and score, conducted live. John most loves to collaborate, having worked with vocalists Rafael Porto (Caught in the Quiet), Nicole Vasconi (The Gift of Knowing), and Regina Ceragioli (The World Will End In Fire), new music collective Wooden Cities (Chemical Fix in a Foreign Body) and soprano/percussionist group Resound Duo (Deep breath). He is an active pianist and proponent for new music, and, at Butler, has premiered many works through the Jordan College of Arts Composer’s Orchestra.


LISTEN: Mountain Kiss from Blankets: A Live-Action Graphic Novel for chamber orchestra
Jeni Gustafson, flute; Jessica Robinson, oboe; Alberto Mantovano, clarinet; Owen Carlos, bassoon; Hannah Varnau, percussion; Cara Haxo, piano; Tricia Frasure, violin; Logan Jones, viola; Katie Burns, cello; Alexandro Cazares, bass; John Albert Harris, conductor.



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