John Albert Harris

John Albert HarrisJohn Albert Harris is a composer and pianist pursuing his Masters in Music Composition at the University of Miami with Dorothy Hindman. He previously studied with Michael Schelle at Butler University. John completed his undergraduate degree by creating “Blankets: A Live-Action Graphic Novel – Part One”, a 45-minute film (using the book by Craig Thompson) and score, conducted live. John has worked with vocalists Rafael Porto, Regina Ceragioli, and Rebekah Smeltzer, and new music groups Wooden Cities, Resound Duo, and The Lunar Ensemble. He is an active pianist, regularly premiering works through SCI and The Other Ensemble.


LISTEN: terrace walls and willow trees for Clarinet, Cello, Percussion, & Piano
The Lunar Ensemble: Gleb Kanasevich, clarinet; Peter Kibbe, cello; Terry Sweeney, percussion; John Wilson, piano



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