John C.L. Jansen

John C.L. JansenJohn C.L. Jansen is a composer, classical guitarist, and audiophile from Grand Rapids, Michigan. Jansen is a recent graduate of Grand Valley State University, where he studied with Dr. Bill Ryan and also participated in the New Music Ensemble. He writes in a wide variety of mediums, ranging from purely electronic, to larger traditional ensembles. His current interests are in combining acoustic instruments with electronic sounds. Presently Jansen is focusing on writing new pieces while searching for masters programs.


LISTEN: The Fisherman’s Sunrise for guitar and viola
Jeremey verwys, guitar; Nate Bliton, viola

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  1. Patrick Mahoney

    I had the honor this year of attending John’s Senior Composition Recital. John shows a wonderfully deep understanding of both Classical and the more modern forms of composition. His ability to blend the 2 in a way that both a student of modern music and a Joe from the streets could appreciate equally. Out of his current works my favorite has to be Quantum Lilypads and The Drops Rain On as my close second. Check out his sound cloud it will be experience worth having.