John Teske

John TeskeAn emerging talent in the new music scene, Seattle-based composer John Teske writes contemporary concert music for soloists, chamber groups, and chamber orchestra. Founder of the Broken Bow Ensemble and a series of “any ensemble” performances (featuring music written for flexible instrumentation), he focuses on enhancing the listener experience, utilizing extended techniques and guided improvisation to create pieces that are well-crafted while maintaining a human and organic feel. His recent work includes site-specific performances in Seattle parks and at the Seattle Center, Space Weather Listening Booth (a hybrid electroacoustic installation and acoustic performance piece in collaboration with Nat Evans), and compositions for chamber orchestra supported by a grant from the Seattle Office of Arts & Culture. John graduated from the University of Washington, where he studied with Joël-François Durand, Juan Pampin, and Josh Parmenter.


LISTEN: topographies for any ensemble
Neil Welch and Ivan Arteaga, saxophones; Natalie Mai Hall, violoncello; John Teske, double bass; Greg Campbell, percussion

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