José Martínez

José MartínezJosé Martínez’ music has a wide range of influences that go from the folk music of his home country to fine art avant-garde music, and goes through different genres of Latin Music, heavy metal, and progressive rock and fine art music. All these sounds find a place to interact in his music to create his personal sound palette.


LISTEN: Interferencias for Orchestra
University Philharmonic Orchestra from the University of Missouri

At the beginning we all are a single clear, and transparent sound. Time passes, we are interfered, affected; we change. The results might be waterfalls of sounds and color or just a single feather floating in the air.
The unexpected strikes us, we can scream out loud a unison stream of violent air; or we may succumb and let our melody escape as a weak lament.
We react, a systematic result is not conceivable.
We usually have one direction to take, one decision to make. We travel in time towards the end.
At the end, we will never be the same, for the path has changed us, we still have this unique color, our very own melody.
At the end, we will never know how different our life would have been if that day, that person, that situation, that piece of music had never crossed our lives.

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