Joshua Marquez

Joshua MarquezJoshua Marquez is a Filipino-American composer, conductor, and classical guitarist.  Beginning In the Fall of 2013, Mr. Marquez will begin pursuing his PhD in Music Composition from the University of Iowa.  He will be studying with David Gompper, Michael Eckert, and Lawrence Fritts.  In May of 2013, Mr. Marquez will graduate from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro with a Masters in Music Composition.  At UNC-G, he studied with Mark Engebretson and Alejandro Rutty.


WATCH AND LISTEN: a frayed, jute whipping knot for reed quintet (2012)
Akropolis Reed Quintet: Tim Gocklin, Oboe; Kari Dion, Clarinet; Matt Landry, Saxophone; Andrew Koeppe, Bass Clarinet; Ryan Reynolds, Bassoon