Julian Maple Oliveira

Julian Maple OliveiraBorn in São Paulo, Brazil in 1993, Julian Maple Oliveira is currently studying music composition with Alexandre Lunsqui and electroacoustic composition with Flo Menezes at the São Paulo State University (Unesp).

WEBSITE:  facebook.com/julian.maple

LISTEN: Crash!!! for voice and electroacoustic sounds
Performed by Tatiane Reis (singer)

The human voice has been explored in many novel ways in music composition throughout the last century. Crash!!! explores aspects of rhythm and pulse, bringing beatboxing-inspired vocalization and contemporary classical music together. The technique, commonly used in hip-hop and rap, is combined with recorded sounds of breaking glasses, machine guns, aircraft turbine engines, among others – whether treated or not. Both sources, voice and recorded sounds, are mixed and in dialogue. The role of the singer is to serve both as soloist and as complement to the electronic sounds.

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