Julien Malaussena

Julien MalaussenaJulien Malaussena is a French composer. He studied composition with Jean Luc Hervé and orchestration with Pierre Farago. He studied electroacoustic and computer-aided composition in the class of Yan Maresz, Max/Msp with Tom Mays and LISP programming with Julien Vincenot. He was selected to take part in the ‘Voix nouvelles’ programme at Fondation Royaumont where he benefited from the teaching of Brian Ferneyhough, Raphaël Cendo and Alberto Posadas. He was also involved in the founding of Soundinitiative ensemble.

WEBSITE: Julien Malaussena on Soundcloud

LISTEN: (Ep)Scra’p for amplified classical guitar
Julien Malaussena, Guitar

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