Julien Vincenot

Julien VincenotJulien Vincenot, born in 1985 (France), is a composer and a musician-researcher. He started to study XXth century music and electroacoustic composition at Paris 8 University, with H. Vaggione and J.-M. Lopez Lopez, where he achieved a master thesis on “musical morphogenesis”. He studied composition in Montbéliard conservatory, under the direction of J. Baboni Schilingi, where he received the first price and SACEM price in 2013. He also completed the Cursus 1 in composition and computer music at IRCAM in 2014. His work is constantly evolving between written music (for concert, film and dance) and live computer performance, especially with the Unmapped collective he founded in 2007. His music has been performed in several countries of Europe, China and the US.

WEBSITE: soundcloud.com/julienvincenot

LISTEN: silent_data_corrupt for alto saxophone and live computer
Nikita Zimin, alto saxophone
Recorded at IRCAM’s Espace de Projection during the final concert of Cursus 1 in composition and computer music (April 5 2014)

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