Julien Vincenot

Julien VincenotJulien Vincenot was born in 1985 and lives in Paris. He studied computer music in Université Paris 8 (with H. Vaggione and J.-M. Lopez Lopez), then composition and computer-aided formalization in Montbéliard with J. Baboni Schilingi. He has been selected for the next session of IRCAM’s Cursus 1. His work is constantly evolving between written music and live computer performance, especially with the Unmapped collective he founded in 2007. His music has been performed in several countries of Europe, China and the US.

WEBSITE: Julien Vincenot on Soundcloud

LISTEN: Esprits-Animaux for violin, cello and live computer
Ensemble de Musique Interactive; Szuhwa Wu, violin; Rachel Gleize, cello

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